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One day before my 25th birthday, help me make a difference

Alex Mawla

Hey all,

My dad, a lifelong non-smoker, passed away from lung cancer February 18th, 2017 after a 4 year battle with this disease.

He was diagnosed in 2013 with Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, which unfortunately is almost always caught in this advanced stage. Originally, he was given a prognosis of 3 to 6 months; but, he was a fighter. A combination of a good medical team, a loving support system, and most importantly, amazing inner strength, he fought against all odds and outlived most prognoses up until this year.

I am so proud to have had such a loving father, who was full of life, and helped me grow and learn to appreciate the world in such a unique and positive way.

He was my best friend, and while he always expressed interest in doing a walk like this with me, complications and his health prevented him. In honor of his passing, I'd like to fulfill his dream and help make a difference for others.

This walk is also a day before my 25th birthday .Please consider donating to this cause in lieu of any birthday gift to me, or, spreading the word, or supporting it in any way that you feel comfortable with or see fit. It would mean the world to me.

Thank you for all your thoughts and positive wishes!





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2. WWilliam Jiang
Best of luck Alex!!
3. GLGregory Lee
4. PHPelle Hoek
So great you're doing this. You the man, Alex!
5. SSSimon Ting Fung So
Please accept my condolences at the loss of your father. He was a good mentor to me. What you are doing help build a better future and will make he very proud.
6. HHichem Belhadj

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